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Our Services

What can we do for you?

At Abertawe & Gower Tree Surgery, we offer you highly skilled arborists who provide outstanding service whilst the quality of our work provides excellent value for money.

As a team we aim to give you the best possible advice for the preservation and maintenance of your trees. The work will be tailored to your needs and to the needs of your trees. Our aim is to offer you the most cost effective outcome for your long-term management.

Our range of services are detailed below to enable you to have a better understanding of your needs. So for a consultation or quotation, please contact us on 01792 520 341 or go to the contact us page.

Tree cutting and pruning:

  • Tree cutting and pruning is a generalised term which can be broken down into the following terms used by professionals as laid out in the British Standard for Tree Works (B53998)
  • The three main types of pruning documented in B53998 are crown reduction, crown lifting and crown thinning. All of these demand a high level of knowledge and skill as branch selection requires careful consideration.
  • Crown reduction is the reduction of the height and reshaping of the tree into a smaller natural form.
  • Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches in order to raise the height of the lower crown, usually for traffic clearance or to ensure people's safety.
  • Crown thinning involves the removal of branches from the inner crown of the tree. Crown thinning is not used to alter the overall size of the tree but is usually used to improve light. Crown thinning is also a good form of maintenance on larger trees as it eliminates the amount of wind resistance.

Also, whilst we we look at pruning, there are also the following options:

  • Target pruning
  • Formative pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Target pruning is the reduction of a specific part of a tree which may be blocking lighting, signage, or it can deal with severe overhang from a neighbouring tree.
  • Formative pruning is the reduction and management of trees from an early age, providing excellent structure and shaping.
  • Pollarding is what we commonly see on street trees which is the removal of branches and new growth back to the trunk. This is not recommended for mature trees which have not previously been managed in this way.

Other Services

Tree felling describes the complete removal of a tree to ground level, whether it is dismantled, through climbing, with all branches and timber being lowered through ropes and rigging ensuring that no damage occurs to properties or surrounding plants, or whether landscape allows the tree to be directionally and professionally felled in its entirety.

Dead wooding is the term used to remove any dead or decaying branches from the crown of the tree, promoting health and public safety but also promoting the overall health of a tree.

Site clearances can incorporate all of the previous services, but is generally carried out for commercial clients where unmanaged areas of land require a survey and need the clearance of the ground to make way for future development. It may consist of the removal of all undergrowth to promote the growth of specimen trees within the area, or the complete clearance of the and to enable development where secondary planting is usually carried out at build completion.

24-hour emergency call-out - An operative will attend site and assess any storm damage, whether it would be a fallen limb or complete tree and make the tree safe out of hours and arrange for remedial work to be carried out at your convenience.

Tree preservations orders are planning guidelines placed upon a tree which requires prior content from the local authority to carry out any work. We can do this on your behalf once an order has been accepted. You can find out about any preservation orders from your local authority. Swansea County Council can be found here.

Planning applications can be applied for by yourself which will provide you with the allowed scope of the work prior to undertaking any quotations. Follow this link.

Hedging and conifers
All types of hedging can be maintained from the wild native British hedgerow to shaped and ornamental displays. We can carry out clipping or reduction in height. In relation to conifers, we can trim, shape or reduce singular trees or a formed hedge. Conifer trees need maintenance and control in order to keep them under control. Conifers cause a large amount of neighbour disputes which usually consist of the loss of sunlight or encroaching boundary lines. One of our skilled management team can discuss this with you or alternatively you can follow the link to the local authority and read about the high hedge act here.

Tree planting
We can offer the supply and planting of a huge range of trees, shrubs and hedging. This means that you can use our other services for the removal of a tree usually due to decay or death and then have a replacement positioned during the same visit.

Logs and wood chip
Supplied fresh or seasoned. Ask one of our team for pricing and quantities.

We also offer grounds maintenance packages whether it would be the care of grassed areas or the incorporation of all our services. Please arrange a visit from a member of our team to discuss your specific needs.